Queen Elizabeth Theatre & Vancouver PlayhouseVancouver, B.C.

One of the largest theatres in Canada, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre has been beautifully and carefully restored and upgraded to a world-class, 2,781-seat opera house and concert venue over the course of 15 years. The audience chamber was restructured to improve acoustics for both opera and modern concert systems. Comprehensive sound, lighting, and motorized rigging systems were incorporated, and new catwalks developed.

Renovation of the original 1959 facility also included the development of a distinct theatre space, the 668-seat Vancouver Playhouse. Previously physically connected to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre along a shared stage wall, the Playhouse was physically and acoustically separated into its own facility. Development of this theatre included an enlarged lobby, incorporation of VIP meeting rooms, and being retrofitted with modern theatre equipment.

The City of Vancouver-owned facilities were awarded with a Heritage B.C. Award of Honour in 2010, Vancouver Heritage Award in 2011, and a Canadian Consulting Engineer Award of Excellence.

DWD Theatre Design and Consulting Services include:

  • Theatre planning and design
  • Performance lighting system design
  • Lobby and exterior lighting systems design
  • Schematic designing of performance sound system
  • Construction administration services for theatre systems

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